GTS SD 17 Scrubbing Machine
  • GTS SD 17 Scrubbing Machine

    GTS SD 17 Scrubbing Machine

    Its super high-power air-cooling motor and the double capacitor design allow a safer operation.

    It provides strong power outputs and has multiple functions as carpet and floor cleaning.

    Wax removing low-speed polishing floor crystal effect treatment and renewing.

    Safety switches to prevent accidental start of the machine, handle mounted water tank.

    Variety of brushes and pads to suit different types of floors.

    Handle Butterfly
    Voltage V/HZ 200 / 50


    Power W 1100


    Current amp 692
    Speed of rotation rpm 154
    Noise dB 54
    Brush diameter mm 432 / 17 Inches
    Main Cable length mtr 12
    Safety Performance Type 1
    Weight Kg 47

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